The Great Canadian Roof Doctor

Current Times and Working Through Them

 In these current times due to the pandemic we are experiencing many various aspects of life that we probably took for granted. Now we have job lay-offs, businesses closing not knowing if they can or will reopen, millions pf people applying for government assistance for unemployment, and businesses, we are ALL affected by these unprecedented times.

The worst in these times are those that have been hit by the virus itself especially when someone has lost a family member or a friend.

If you have been able to escape this and are still employed, have an essential business, or have changed your businesses to adapt with the times, that is really great for you. But we all have family or friends that are experiencing real issues during these horrible times.

We as people always seem to be able to come together and deal with and manage from various horrors such as wars, terrorist attacks, and financial crisis by helping each other out. This is what we need to do “help each other out”.

I myself am one of the luckier ones yes I have family members that have lost their jobs and are struggling but at least none of my family have been exposed to the virus. That is in itself a victory, we can and will recover.

One of the things I thought might be useful to people is a guide on what to do in these “Current Times and Working Through Them” so I made this ebook. It does not answer all the questions or give you a step by step method of what to do but hopefully, it will give you some ideas and help get you stimulated.

From my family to yours stay safe.


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